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Name:The Nightmare Fuel Project
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Community description:Write me a story - scare me to sleep.
The Nightmare Fuel Project began on Google+ in 2011, when [personal profile] blissmorgan decided to combat an annual influx of sleep-destroying nightmares by writing a daily short horror, on the idea that by getting the horrors out of her head and onto the page during the day, she might manage to sleep without them at night. The project, which had begun as a simple personal endeavour, caught the imagination of many other writers and creators, who asked to join in. The process for the project evolved, and on October 1st, 2011, it began. It has run every October since.

Those who have played before, welcome back!

Those who are new, welcome. This is how it works:

- Each morning in the month of October, a prompt image is posted to the community.
- If the image inspires, write! Or draw in response. Craft. Poetize. What-have-you.
- Respond! Post what you wrote/made somewhere and drop a link to it in the comments on the prompt image - or, if you so desire, put your entire flash fiction right in the comment.
- Read other people's fictions. Enjoy the creepies (or whatever other flavor results).

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